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Prepping for Severe Weather Around the Country

Prepping for Severe Weather Around the Country The United States is home to some of the most violent weather in the world, and the potential for heavy-duty atmospheric upheaval exists year-round: from lightning-spitting thunderstorms to bellowing blizzards. In this blogpost, we’ll cover the basics of how to prepare for severe weather and also the main sorts that the country experiences. Preparing for Severe Weather Pay close attention to weather forecasts, and key into any advisories, watches, warnings, and alerts. The National Weather Service can send out Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) to mobile devices in the event severe conditions are expected … Continue reading

Preparing for the Unexpected

That old Boy Scouts motto—you know the one: “be prepared”—really holds up, both at home and out in the backcountry. If you’ve paid any attention to the recent headlines even just here in the Americas, the value of that saying has probably been driven home … and then some. We’ve talked here at the Mountain House blog before about prepping at home for storms, power outages, and other emergencies. Today, we’ll focus on being prepared when you’re hiking, backpacking, camping, or engaged in other outdoor recreation. And because one of the preeminent expressions of the unexpected that an outdoorsperson has to … Continue reading