Designing a Camping Meal Plan & List For a Quick Weekend Trip

Admit it: Your life revolves around food. Everybody’s does, technically, right? Meals give structure to our day and inject a whole lot of pleasure into it to boot. Food’s all the more central to the camping experience. Appetites seem to enlarge in the woods, even if you’re not burning through the calories backpacking. Maybe it’s partly because, as everybody knows, stuff does just taste better outdoors. If all you’ve got time for is a quick weekend camping getaway, you may be tempted to skimp on the meal-planning and just improvise your menu at the last minute. Ultimately, though, that’s not … Continue reading

Traveling Over Snow: Tips on Safe Snow Travel

Snow can be both boon and bane for outdoor travelers. When nice and firm, it can be a pleasure to scuff along, above all the terra firma messiness of brush, gravel, or deadfall. When soft and powdery, it invites long cross-country ski or snowshoe outings. But then there’s the flipside: the half-melted slush absolutely exhausting to traverse for long distances, the rock-hard, ice-glazed slopes, the deep, brittle-crusted drifts you maddeningly posthole your way through. Not to mention, of course, all the outright hazards of the snowscape: crevasses, cornices, avalanches, weakly frozen-over bodies of water, etc. Here we’ve rounded up a … Continue reading

Camping Food Storage Tips to Keep the Critters Away

One of the most pressing concerns for campers is critters munching away on their food. We’re not quite the foragers and hunters we once were, so when you bring your own food into the outdoors, you’ll need to remember some basic camping food storage tips so your eats are safe from nibbling creatures. When animals ransack your food, it not only leaves you hungry but also exposes you to risks of contracting various diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus. Yes, contact with rodents is a potential cause of Hantavirus, a rather deadly ailment, and a definite trip ruiner. Below is … Continue reading

National Water Safety Month

A sunny, hot summer’s day: all the impetus most of us need to don that swimwear and head for the nearest body of water, right? It’s hard to top the pleasures of an afternoon at the beach, a paddle on the lake, a riverside picnic, a surfboard ride on the breakers—quintessential summertime delights. But as we anticipate the liquid enticements of the season, safety most definitely should be part of the conversation. May happens to be National Water Safety Month, and we thought we’d take a little space here at the Mountain House blog to mark this important campaign! What … Continue reading