A Kid-Friendly Campground Round-Up from The Dyrt

Camping is more fun when spent with the people you love. If the people you love are tiny humans who have a knack for adventure and are easily distracted, finding a kid-friendly campground is a must. If you’re on the search for campgrounds that are a little less rustic and come with “accessories” like playground equipment, check out this round-up from our friends at The Dyrt.  The Dyrt makes the hunt for the ideal campground easy by offering camper reviews of campsites across the country. Check out their mobile app to preview photos of a campground before packing up and heading … Continue reading

5 Inspiring Camping Pics to Get You Outside!

We view the outdoors as sacred places of exploration and adventure, and we’re pretty sure you do, too. Our meals fuel this adventure, and we want to provide some more fuel for you: 5 pictures to inspire you to pack your packs and hit the trail. All these images are from our contests on The Dyrt, one for Illinois and one for Wisconsin. Anyone who’s ever camped in these two states can enter our contests by submitting campsites reviews to TheDyrt.com. Submitting a review automatically enters you to win a contest, and at the same time you’re helping us make … Continue reading

Help Us Make Camping More Accessible + Win Cool Stuff!

  For us at Mountain House, this past summer has been marked by an effort to make camping even better than it already is. What could make it better? Accessibility! Finding new places to camp and explore without having to trudge through the murky reeds of the internet to get there. We partnered with The Dyrt, an online platform for campsite reviews, to give away $8,000 worth of Mountain House in exchange for authentic campground reviews from real campers. The results so far have been incredible. As of September 1st, we’ve given away $6,000 of our summer prizes. But what’s truly invaluable is the … Continue reading

A Match Made in Camping Heaven: Mountain House + The Dyrt

Mountain House is about making it easier to get out the door. Making it easier to pack up and go, without having to think about, “What will I eat in the backcountry?” Making you feel at home in the mountains, the deserts, and the forests of the world. It makes sense, then, that we partnered with The Dyrt, a platform for user-submitted campground reviews, pictures, and videos. The Dyrt, like us, makes it easier to get out the door. Have you ever tried to find detailed info about campgrounds online? It’s as much of a pain as planning, purchasing, and … Continue reading