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How to Hunt and Fish Without the Necessary Tools

If you’ve enjoyed Mountain House meals on a camping or backpacking trek—and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?—you can imagine how handy they’d be in true wilderness survival situations: Our delicious, easy-to-prepare, long-lasting, and super-portable entrees and emergency food supplies can keep you well fed during an unexpectedly long sojourn in the backcountry without taxing your energy or your fuel resources. Let’s say, though, you’re staring down a really extended stay in the wilderness: You’re hopelessly lost, say, or you’re somehow incapacitated, or a major storm or wildlife has you stuck for the foreseeable future. Hopefully you shared … Continue reading

Survivalism Evolved: New Technology That Can Save Your Life

Survivalism Evolved: New Technology That Can Save Your Life Listen, we understand: When many of us outdoorsy types think of roughing it in a survival situation, we like to imagine fashioning fishing rods from saplings, navigating by star-paths, erecting backwoods cribs out of tree branches and hides we’ve cured from beasts we’ve brought down with bows-and-arrows, and generally going the 100% primal route to stay alive. Fair enough, but wilderness travelers turn up their noses at modern technology to their own detriment. Even if you want to limit the gadgetry you haul into the wilds (or stow in your bug-out … Continue reading

Why Everyone Should Own a Paracord Bracelet

Ever see one of those hardcore backwoods folks or prepper fanatics sporting a woven bracelet? Chances are, it’s not simply a fashion choice: It’s a don’t-leave-home-without-it survival tool called a paracord bracelet. The uses for paracord (i.e., parachute cord)—still a military staple—are just about endless. The most common form, 550 cord, has a strength rating of 550 pounds, and multiple strands of it twisted together can handle much greater loads. You can also unravel the component nylon strands (seven to nine of them) in order to access the finer yarn—also called “guts” or kerf—within, which is just as useful. Whether the … Continue reading

Planning for Long Term Power Outage

Ah, nothing like a good old-fashioned power outage to remind you how amazing it is to have light and heat at our beck-and-call just by flipping a switch or dialing a thermostat! Those are modern conveniences we should never take for granted, and that lesson tends to be driven home the hard way when a storm, fire, flood, grid malfunction, or some other hiccup—more than one unlucky transmission-line-scurrying squirrel has done the trick—disrupts the power supply. Blackouts are often merely short-term inconveniences, but it’s also possible to endure one that lasts a week or more. Such extended outages can be … Continue reading

A Winter Camping Checklist

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast who’s never gone winter camping, you’re in for a treat! The “off-season” can be a fantastic time to be out and about in the backcountry. For one thing, destinations thronged during summer and early fall tend to be quiet and uncrowded in the clutch of Old Man Winter. Single-digit cold and muffling snow can make a pocket of close-to-home woods that’s busy as heck in August feel (deliciously) like deep wilderness. Furthermore, wintertime scenery gives the more verdant splendor of other seasons a run for its money: pristine drifts in a freshly whitened conifer forest, … Continue reading