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The Ultimate Hurricane Survival Kit Checklist

With the impacts of hurricanes Florence and Michael still being felt along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and the Category 5 Super Typhoon Yutu currently bringing winds of 180 miles per hour to the Northern Mariana Islands, we wanted to highlight some fundamentals of hurricane safety here at the Mountain House blog. A Reminder of Hurricane Danger As last year, when hurricanes such as Harvey, Irma, and Maria devastated Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and other parts of the U.S., the past couple of months have demonstrated the vital need to understand the dangers posed by tropical cyclones, the proper precautions … Continue reading

Introducing Your Kids to Hurricane Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane season is here and it’s time to prepare the whole family. Long before the winds pick up and the water starts to rise, start preparing for the storm that’s brewing. Keep kids in the loop by calmly and confidently explaining to them the different things you’re doing to manage the house and home. As you’re boarding up your windows, for example, have them help by managing the inventory. Explain to them the why behind the various ways you’re preparing the house and they’ll be more eager to be of assistance, not to mention they’ll grow into confident and capable hurricane preppers … Continue reading