Camping Food Storage Tips to Keep the Critters Away

One of the most pressing concerns for campers is critters munching away on their food. We’re not quite the foragers and hunters we once were, so when you bring your own food into the outdoors, you’ll need to remember some basic camping food storage tips so your eats are safe from nibbling creatures. When animals ransack your food, it not only leaves you hungry but also exposes you to risks of contracting various diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus. Yes, contact with rodents is a potential cause of Hantavirus, a rather deadly ailment, and a definite trip ruiner. Below is … Continue reading

Multi-Phased Approach to Emergency and Survival Food Storage

All Food is “Survival Food” Having emergency food on hand is like having a savings account. You should keep cash savings to help you manage unexpected financial shocks—like needing a new transmission in your car. Similarly you should have extra food on hand as a buffer to help you weather difficult times. The recent icy arctic blast experienced by much of the country has made travel difficult and serves as a prime example of the benefit of having extra food on hand. Healthy savings accounts and having extra food in your pantry provides peace of mind that your family will be taken care … Continue reading