5 Family Camping Activities

The tent is up, the snacks are out, and the kids have already explored 98.63% of the campsite and are itchin for more. What to do? Gather up all your campers, big and small, and play some games, one and all! Here are 5 of our favorite all-ages camping activities.  CARD GAMES “Got any 4s?” “Nope! Go Fish!” It’s a classic for a reason, folks. A pack of cards is super portable and invites hours of play that encourages strategy, patience, and cooperation. If the wind picks up, take it inside the tent and get cozy with a game of … Continue reading

Camping Checklist for Parents With Babies

Does the notion of camping with babies strike cold fear into your heart? You’re not alone. Many parents of infants and toddlers assume the outdoor adventures Mom and Dad love are off-limits until the kids are older. Not so. Don’t forget: People have been toting tiny babies around in the wilds for tens of thousands of years. Infants are hardier than they look, and the woods, prairies, and mountains are, from a certain perspective, an ancient, tried-and-true nursery. Of course, camping with a baby does demand a lot of preparation, a different sort of equipment checklist, and—most importantly—a very healthy … Continue reading

The Essential Family Camping Checklist

As anyone who’s done it can tell you, few activities can deepen and enrich bonds like family camping. Even if you’re barely roughing it, there’s something about the routine of setting up a campsite, building a campfire, cooking outdoors, and listening to the night sounds from the cozy sanctum of a tent that awakens something deep-rooted and invigorating in all ages. Kids you have to push and prod to do their chores back home often become surprisingly helpful and competent around the campsite: maybe something to do with that primal stimulus of camping, or maybe—as with food—any task is simply … Continue reading