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Top Mountain Climbs in America

From storm-walloped Mount Washington in the Presidential Range of the Northern Appalachians to the wild horns and crests of Alaska’s Brooks Range, from the granite heights of the Wind Rivers in Wyoming to the icy towers of the North Cascades, the United States comes magnificently endowed in the mountain department. In honor of our company name—and, more importantly, in honor of the fact that Mountain House meals have fueled countless adventurers the world over as they summit epic peaks—we thought we’d spotlight some of the very best mountains to climb in the USA. This isn’t an exhaustive roundup by any … Continue reading

Beyond Camping: 5 Other Activities for a Mountain House Menu

A lot of people associate Mountain House with backcountry camping, which is just part of the story. But the truth is: we make Adventure Meals™. And adventures aren’t one-size-fits-all! With a trusty spork and a way to heat water, you can take Mountain House with you wherever adventure calls. Here’s just a few ideas to get you thinking outside the tent … Go Climbing with Mountain House After so many pitches or boulders and so many bags of trail mix, there are few things more refueling than a warm, delicious meal. Taking a break from the crag and heating up a Mountain House meal … Continue reading