4 Freeze-Dried Camping Food Concoctions

The art of freeze-drying food started long ago by a random act of mother nature. The Ancient Incas, living at high altitude in Peru, kept their crops in locations where the food would freeze, and the low air pressure vaporized any water within it. During World War 2 there was a need for food and medical supplies that were durable and shelf stable, to send to troops overseas. It was from this need that modern freeze-drying was born. Today, we enjoy the benefits of that freeze-dry know-how with tasty, long lasting freeze-dried meals that are reliably delicious at the campground, … Continue reading

Keto Camping/Backpacking Food & Recipes

Keto Backpacking and Camping Food Ideas & Recipes It can be complicated enough planning a well-rounded menu of camping or backpacking meals without dietary restrictions; with them, it can seem all the more daunting. Here at Mountain House, we’re happy to supply such nutritionally rich and flavor-packed meals to outdoorspeople, and also happy to offer tips for those who need to more meticulously manage their Great Outdoors cuisine for health/lifestyle reasons. If you’re on the ketogenic (“Keto”) diet, or somebody else in your camping party is, we’ve pulled together some low-carb recipe ideas well suited for the campsite. Certain of … Continue reading

7 Day Camping Food Meal Plan

Fact: everything tastes better when you’re camping. From the first cup of piping hot coffee, to the highly-anticipated gathering around a fire for dinner, camping food is a joy to prepare, and a delight to devour. Without the conveniences of home like a refrigerator or oven, longer camping trips may seem daunting when it comes to meal planning. So start simple! Check out this basic 7-day camping food meal plan so you can head into the wild ready to explore, and with more time to savor the adventure! Breakfast Camping Food Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether … Continue reading

45 Quick and Unbelievably Tasty Camping Food Ideas & Meals

Much as we all love the wild vistas, the geological marvels, the hiking and swimming and paddling, a whole lot of the joy of camping centers on food, right? It’s a cliché that grub tastes better outdoors, but darn it it’s a fact, too. Just like back home, though, it’s easy to become bored with your campsite cuisine—or, if you’re new to roughing it, hard to know what camping meals to make in the first place. Well, that’s where we come into the picture here at Mountain House. First off, of course, our freeze-dried meals make scrumptious entrees requiring no … Continue reading