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An Intro to Public Lands in the USA

From county forest to national park, public lands in the United States are some of the most beloved among outdoorspeople for their recreational opportunities and their rich scenic and ecological attractions. What is public land? In the USA, this general category refers to lands in public ownership: from the vast acreage held in public trust by the federal government (most of which is long-held “public domain”) to lands managed by states, counties, and municipalities. From land trusts and non-profit organizations to timber companies and private citizens, many other landowners allow some form of outdoor recreation on their property, but there’s … Continue reading

Wildfire Safety: Defensible Space

September is National Preparedness Month, something we here at Mountain House take very seriously—and you should too! The theme for this year’s Preparedness Month is: “Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.” Disaster preparation and emergency response are topics we regularly cover here at the Mountain House blog, and as part of fulfilling that National Preparedness Month theme we urge you to explore our “Survival” archives. Our focus in this article is on wildfire safety, with helpful information on how we can mitigate losses by utilizing defensible space tactics. Wildfires are among the most widespread and destructive natural disasters in the … Continue reading

How To Build An Emergency Kit

Stay Safe. Please Be Prepared. Right now our thoughts are with our friends and families (and your friends and families) in particularly vulnerable areas of the U.S. With severe storms en route and looming large, we wanted to send along some resources for you, because we can’t say it enough: preparedness is key. Preparing for emergencies like a natural disaster may not always be at the forefront of your mind, but it doesn’t take much time or money to put together an emergency plan for the different areas of your life (home, work, car). And that time building an emergency … Continue reading

Tips on Loading Your Backpack

There’s nothing really more fundamental to backpacking than sensibly loading your backpack (such as with our lightweight Pro-Paks). That might seem overly obvious, given the name of the whole pursuit, but actually many backpackers sort of wing it when it comes to packing—not necessarily in terms of what they’re packing, but how they’re packing it. It’s all too common to simply stuff gear in willy-nilly, then tough out the awkward load during the trip. A poorly packed pack (how’s that for alliteration?) costs you in aches and pains, accumulating fatigue, maybe even a few tumbles on the trail. Here are … Continue reading

National Trail Mix Day

The last day of August celebrates one of the unassuming but absolutely staple backpacker snacks. The 31st is (drumroll, please)….National Trail Mix Day, so consider marking the occasion with a hike and a handful! Here at Mountain House we’re big fans of trail mix, which happens to make the perfect supporting act to our beloved freeze-dried meals. The happy hodgepodge of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate, granola, and what have you serves as the ideal snack (even a lunch) in between delish Mountain House feasts. Whether you buy it premade or assemble it yourself, trail mix checks off the right … Continue reading