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Introducing New Mountain House Mystery Meals®!

mystery meal

What’s your all-time favorite Mountain House meal? Beef Stroganoff? Classic. Biscuits and Gravy? Excellent choice. Or maybe your sweet tooth craves the cinnamon-goodness of New York Style Cheesecake Bites? Well friends, we have some tasty good news for you. Our expert chefs have been busy in the kitchen taking all your all-time favorites to create a culinary experience that will keep your tastebuds wondering what’s next. Mountain House Mystery Meals® are like a casserole made out of leftovers! Just add water and see what you get! Whether it’s a sporkful of Ice Cream Lasagna, or Turkey Casserole Granola, we’re confident that your next trailside meal is going to be an adventure!

Ready to dig in?  Who isn’t?!  Well folks, even though Mountain House Mystery Meals® are still just a delicious dream (April Fool’s everybody!) this goodness is real: Save 30% TODAY ONLY on all your REAL Mountain House favorites. Use code MHFAVES and stock up on any meal your heart desires. Savor the Adventure!™

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