Choosing a Backpacking Stove

A stove is among the most important items you’ll be toting as a backpacker, not least because food is going to dominate a lot of your thoughts out on the trail, and because heating water for tea, coffee, and cooking meals are natural linchpin rituals of your wilderness days. And obviously this is a subject matter very close to our heart here at Mountain House. If you’re a beginning backpacker, though, choosing a backpacking stove can seem a bewildering challenge given the number of options. That said, as with any piece of outdoors gear, the process of selecting the best … Continue reading

The Best Hiking Apps – Offline Outdoor Navigation Apps

The use of smartphones out in the wilderness is controversial, but there’s no question the technology has real utility. Even if you personally eschew the regular use of a smartphone on your backpacking or paddling or hunting adventures, it’s not a bad idea to have one stowed away in the pack: If nothing else, it’s another emergency tool in case you run into trouble.  But there’s much else to take advantage of, outdoors-wise, with today’s immensely powerful mobile devices. (And, incidentally, a 2013 report by the Outdoor Foundation suggested close to 40 percent of all Americans do take advantage of … Continue reading

Survivalism Evolved: New Technology That Can Save Your Life

Survivalism Evolved: New Technology That Can Save Your Life Listen, we understand: When many of us outdoorsy types think of roughing it in a survival situation, we like to imagine fashioning fishing rods from saplings, navigating by star-paths, erecting backwoods cribs out of tree branches and hides we’ve cured from beasts we’ve brought down with bows-and-arrows, and generally going the 100% primal route to stay alive. Fair enough, but wilderness travelers turn up their noses at modern technology to their own detriment. Even if you want to limit the gadgetry you haul into the wilds (or stow in your bug-out … Continue reading

Mountain House Receives Top Scores in Third-Party Sensory Test of Emergency Survival Meals

Consumers Have Spoken: Mountain House Scores Best Among Six Popular Emergency Survival Meal Brands   Albany, Ore. – May 05, 2015 – Mountain House has published the results of a consumer sensory study comparing it to other major brands of outdoor recreation, and emergency survival foods. The study, conducted by the Oregon State University Department of Food Science and Technology Sensory Lab, compared taste and appearance of “chili macaroni” dishes.  Mountain House scored significantly better than other brands in both taste and appearance.