Camping Food Storage Tips to Keep the Critters Away

One of the most pressing concerns for campers is critters munching away on their food. We’re not quite the foragers and hunters we once were, so when you bring your own food into the outdoors, you’ll need to remember some basic camping food storage tips so your eats are safe from nibbling creatures. When animals ransack your food, it not only leaves you hungry but also exposes you to risks of contracting various diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus. Yes, contact with rodents is a potential cause of Hantavirus, a rather deadly ailment, and a definite trip ruiner. Below is … Continue reading

The Essential Family Camping Checklist

As anyone who’s done it can tell you, few activities can deepen and enrich bonds like family camping. Even if you’re barely roughing it, there’s something about the routine of setting up a campsite, building a campfire, cooking outdoors, and listening to the night sounds from the cozy sanctum of a tent that awakens something deep-rooted and invigorating in all ages. Kids you have to push and prod to do their chores back home often become surprisingly helpful and competent around the campsite: maybe something to do with that primal stimulus of camping, or maybe—as with food—any task is simply … Continue reading

RV Camping: Preparing For Your Journey

There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting the open road in a well-equipped RV, whether it’s a trusty little trailer or a whale-sized Class A: You’re free and footloose as they come, equipped with everything you need for weeks or months tooling around interstates and backroads alike. Whether you’re going to hop between two or three developed RV parks or campgrounds for the summer, or you’re striking out for some open-ended boondocking in the backlands, make sure you’re adequately packed and prepared. Give this basic RV-camping checklist a gander, and make sure that on-the-go pantry’s got plenty of Mountain House … Continue reading