Deer Hunting for Beginners

Across much of North America, deer rank as the most common big-game animals—and some of the most ecologically significant critters on the landscape. Because of their size, distribution, and (overall) abundance, these fleet, watchful ungulates (hoofed mammals) have been prized quarry for hunters since prehistory. In the United States, deer hunting is something of a religion for many sportspeople, and meanwhile wildlife managers rely on hunters to help keep the deer population healthy and in check. Obviously many hunters prize a big-antlered trophy buck, but much deer hunting in America remains a subsistence pursuit: linking the hunter of today with … Continue reading

Let’s Celebrate Something We All Share: Our Public Lands!

If you’ve been in the U.S. for more than a few days, chances are you’ve enjoyed spending time in some type of public land — a beach, campground, lake, monument, wildlife refuge, forest, grassland, marine sanctuary or any local, state or national park. It would be almost impossible not to step foot in public land, given that 30 percent of America’s land is public land. Here’s the “Catch 22” — we get to enjoy these public lands — but our public lands don’t always enjoy us when they are overused, littered, neglected or impacted by other issues such as invasive … Continue reading

Hunting 101

Hunting is one of the most ancient of human activities, and it remains for many people the principal way—and the deepest way—they connect with the great outdoors and the ecological framework that links us to every other living thing. Obviously hunting is not without controversy, and some people are stridently opposed to it. This isn’t the venue for a discussion about the debate over hunting in the modern age, but it is important to say that: (1) there’s a world of difference between a responsible, ethical hunter and an irresponsible, sloppy, and trigger-happy one; (2) that many hunters still regard … Continue reading