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Key van life essentials shared by Michelle Craig, a freelance photographer and roamschooling mom who knows how to live comfortably on the road. Continue reading

Bataan Death March: 26 Miles in the Desert

Mountain House Employees pay tribute to The Greatest Generation In April of 1942, in the early days of World War II, 60-80,000 Americans and Filipinos were captured by the assaulting Japanese forces after the Battle of Bataan. These prisoners of war were then forced on a 65 mile death march north to various camps.  Wounded, malaria ridden and lacking essential survival supplies many did not survive the journey.  Many others were summarily executed by their captors for minor offenses.  The ones that survived the trek spent the remainder of the war struggling in some of the most austere prisoner of … Continue reading

Getting in Shape for Hiking Season

Maybe you’ve spent the winter regularly hitting the ski slopes, cross-country trails, or snowshoe loops; maybe you’ve even been summiting some iced-over mountaintops. If so, you’re likely well primed for the upcoming summer-through-fall peak hiking and backpacking season. Perhaps, though—like oh so many of us—you haven’t been out playing in the snow quite as much as you would have liked, and challenging winter weather has mostly seen you just daydreaming about great hikes you want to tackle in a few months (and top off with our tasty backpacking food!). Perhaps you haven’t been hitting up the gym very often—or at … Continue reading

A History of Modern Backpacking

Today we’re turning the Mountain House blog into a history classroom, but don’t worry, it’s a topic we don’t think is going to provoke any glazing-over of the eyes. Our focus — certainly near and dear to our hearts — is the backstory of backpacking. Now, on one level backpacking is as old as our species: Humans have been toting the gear they need to survive (not to mention babies) on foot for a staggeringly long time. (We also came to muster dogs, horses, cattle, and other beasts of burden into the task of hauling equipment and supplies, of course.) … Continue reading

Six of the Most Useful Outdoor & Survival Knots You Should Know

Knot-tying is one of those skills that never go out of fashion—especially for outdoorspeople, but really for anyone who wants to become more resourceful on the off-chance they find themselves in dire straits. If your experience in the art up till now has been restricted to tying shoelaces and the occasional in-a-pinch overhand knot, knots can seem a difficult, even esoteric challenge. But while there are many kinds of knots better- or worse-suited for all sorts of situations, you actually can get by fine for most everyday applications learning just a handful. The following are some of the basic, tried-and-true … Continue reading