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A Boy Scout Saves a Life with Mountain House (true story)

We meet the coolest people and hear incredible stories about Mountain House in action when we get to meet our community face to face at trade shows and events. Recently our team had the chance to meet an incredible Boy Scout and his dad, and they shared a story with us that left our jaw on the floor.

Daniel Hillenburg was fishing with his father, Samuel, in March of 2015, when Daniel noticed a kayaker on the river who looked to be in distress. Daniel noticed the kayaker as he was retrieving water to boil for their Mountain House breakfasts.

man sitting in chair on bank eating mountain house while on fishing trip

The kayaker, Dylan Asbury, had been on the water for 7 hours, and his body temperature had plummeted to 80 degrees. Daniel had completed Red Cross certification with his Boy Scouts troop and immediately recognized Dylan’s symptoms as signs of hypothermia.

“As it was an emergency situation we literally just bundled him up and started giving him the food we had already prepared while making more,” recalls Samuel. Daniel spoon fed Dylan his Mountain House meal as Dylan was struggling with the effects of Stage 3 Hypothermia, he had tunnel vision and was very disoriented. After a few bites he was able to grab a hold of the pouch himself and then began in on the second Mountain House meal as well as some hot tea. Samuel shared more with us, “At 11 years old, Daniel literally got to see your food save this guy’s life. We were watching the light fade from his eyes, and with just a bit the lights started coming back on.”

Daniel was awarded the Boy Scouts’ Medal of Merit for his bravery and  quick thinking in helping Dylan out of a life-threatening emergency situation. Thank you, Daniel! You’re a genuine hero!

You can read the full article originally published here.