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Fun Social Distance Camping Games for Kids & Adults

Whether you’re doing it close to home during ongoing pandemic-related travel restrictions, or eventually farther afield if those restrictions are loosened, camping can be a great way to shake the COVID-19 blues (that is, of course, so long as you’re abiding by all health guidelines and outdoor-recreation rules issued by authorities). For the time being, social distancing is still the name of the game for protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus. So today at the Mountain House blog we thought we’d pull together some ideas for fun camping games that, if need be, can be enjoyed in responsible, spaced-out … Continue reading

How to Fit Emergency Planning Into Everyday Life

Few of us would deny the importance of planning for natural disasters, power outages, and other external emergencies that can completely derail (and threaten) our lives. But let’s be honest: easier said than done, right? It can seem downright daunting to take the necessary steps to prepare, for one thing, and uncomfortable to think about such scary stuff, to boot.  Furthermore, it’s too often the case that we’re only reminded of how useful it is to prepare for disasters when disaster actually strikes—too late, in many respects. So in today’s post, we thought we’d run through a few basic ideas … Continue reading

Camping at Home: Indoors or In Your Backyard

For many of us outdoor lovers, the stay-at-home lifestyle we’re following under the COVID-19 pandemic has us sorely missing favorite campgrounds and backcountry hangouts. As we all hunker down in the name of public health, we can still get our camping fix on if we treat the old domicile as our tenting-out playground. Here are some basic indoor and backyard camping ideas: useful for these strange lockdown times of ours, for sure, but also any situation when you don’t have the ability to get away to your go-to getaway in the great outdoors! Turns out camping in your backyard (or … Continue reading

5 Common Wilderness Survival Scenarios

All things considered, the backcountry isn’t as dangerous as many people think: as is often said, the drive to the trailhead might be the riskiest part of a typical hike. Prepare thoughtfully, come properly equipped, and keep a clear head, and you’ll usually be just fine out there. That said, sometimes things don’t go so smoothly, and you find yourself in a potentially dicey situation. Today at the Mountain House blog we’re going to look at five wilderness survival scenarios and how to act in them. For several of these, we’re summarizing topics we’ve delved into more deeply on our … Continue reading

Map & Compass Basics for Navigation – Part 2

In Part 1 of our two-part blog series on “How to Use a Map & Compass,” we covered the design and symbology of topographic maps and the basics of map reading and land navigation. In Part 2, we’ll introduce the essential outdoors tool of the baseplate compass, and talk about using it on its own and how to navigate with a map and compass together. The Compass A magnetized needle suspended in a fluid-filled housing that aligns with the magnetic field of Planet Earth: that’s the marvelously simple fundamental design of the compass. Every outdoorsperson should own a good-quality compass … Continue reading