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Keeping Your Footing On & Off the Trail

It’s surprisingly easy to take a tumble walking the pavement and floors of day-to-day life, let alone the uneven surfaces you’ll run into in the backcountry. Whether you primarily hike well-graded trails or your adventures include occasional cross-country travel, here are some miscellaneous tips for maintaining your footing: from techniques for negotiating different types of terrain to how to train for a hike in general. Support Aids for Hiking: How to Use Trekking Poles Bipedalism’s great and all, but more than a few hikers slogging up a tough set of switchbacks have envied the elk or bear its four sturdy … Continue reading

7 Day Camping Food Meal Plan

Fact: everything tastes better when you’re camping. From the first cup of piping hot coffee, to the highly-anticipated gathering around a fire for dinner, camping food is a joy to prepare, and a delight to devour. Without the conveniences of home like a refrigerator or oven, longer camping trips may seem daunting when it comes to meal planning. So start simple! Check out this basic 7-day camping food meal plan so you can head into the wild ready to explore, and with more time to savor the adventure! Breakfast Camping Food Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether … Continue reading

The Biggest and Best Waterfalls in the US

Few sights on Earth—our grand and mostly liquid planet—are quite so bewitching as a waterfall. Freefall plunges off overhangs, horsetail falls rivuleting down slanted rock faces, whitewater cascades frothing through a long forest chute: There are many kinds of waterfalls, many shapes and configurations, and of course a vast size spectrum—from tiny streamers on a steep-coursed brook to immense cataracts such as Angel, Iguazú, Victoria, and Niagara falls. What’s remarkable is how even a little waterfall, or a drought-diminished one, retains almost magnetic appeal. Who knows: Maybe there’s something to the whole negative-ion effect said to be at play around … Continue reading

A Kid-Friendly Campground Round-Up from The Dyrt

Camping is more fun when spent with the people you love. If the people you love are tiny humans who have a knack for adventure and are easily distracted, finding a kid-friendly campground is a must. If you’re on the search for campgrounds that are a little less rustic and come with “accessories” like playground equipment, check out this round-up from our friends at The Dyrt.  The Dyrt makes the hunt for the ideal campground easy by offering camper reviews of campsites across the country. Check out their mobile app to preview photos of a campground before packing up and heading … Continue reading

45 Quick and Unbelievably Tasty Camping Food Ideas

cMuch as we all love the wild vistas, the geological marvels, the hiking and swimming and paddling, a whole lot of the joy of camping centers on food, right? It’s a cliché that grub tastes better outdoors, but darn it it’s a fact, too. Just like back home, though, it’s easy to become bored with your campsite cuisine—or, if you’re new to roughing it, hard to know what to make in the first place. Well, that’s where we come into the picture here at Mountain House. First off, of course, our freeze-dried meals make scrumptious entrees requiring no more prep … Continue reading